Check the warranty card and the safety level of a stove

Warranty cards are useful as collateral given to consumers if the product purchased is damaged due to worker errors and material failure within a certain period of time. Filling out the warranty card also helps you to know what things or actions are allowed and not on the gas stove. It’s because on the warranty card there is a list of terms and conditions that both parties must approve. In the meantime, perhaps you should check out the Sub Zero Appliances too.

Make sure you comply with the terms and conditions on the warranty card, to make it easier for you to get the right from the warranty card.

Safety Level of the Gas Stove

Security is number one for your family and yourself. So everything starts with the choice of household appliances, one of which is a gas stove. Accidental kitchen accidents often occur due to gas stoves.

Then choose a gas stove that has a regulator with SNI standards. Regulators with SNI standards have 3 stoppers. The stopper itself is used to stop the gas flow. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller a lot about the security features offered by the gas stove that you want to choose.

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