Know When You Need Screws And Spikes By Knowing This

Lots of people don’t know when to use nails and when to use screws. That is because both of them have almost the same function. However, make sure that the screw you are going to use is a good quality screw. In ball screw repair you can repair the screws that you are using if indeed the object has been damaged.

In addition, you also need to know when to use nails and when to use screws. Some explanations are that this will open your mind to use these two objects.

1. Screw
The shape of the screw on the trunk serves to form a stronger bond on the wood. For best results, parent wood must be perforated to the size of the core diameter of the screw and additional wood perforated to the size of the diameter of the outer screw.
With the screw, the screw application takes longer than the nail, which must be considered in the screw application is the screw head screwdriver hole. The head of the screw must remain intact and good so that it can be used when opening or closing the screw again.

2. Nail
There are only two strokes on the nail, the strokes on the stiff head aim to avoid the slippery hammer when touching the nail and when the nail is working. Meanwhile, the stroke on the neck of the nail is useful for tightening the bond that is on the nail. The nail application is clearly much faster than using screws. In fact, only for a short time, your activities related to nails can be finished well. This is because the use of nails is indeed much easier compared to screws that require a screwdriver. The nail also actually uses a hammer to glue it, but this method will be much faster if done.

For temporary and not too heavy types of gluing, the nails are the best choice. However, when you need higher adhesive power and heavier construction, the screw is an object that you can rely on.

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