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4 Tips to protect children from drugs

Actually, the level of public knowledge about the dangers of drugs is quite good, it’s just an understanding of how drug prevention efforts are still relatively low. Thus, there is a need for more communication, education, and information about how to effectively prevent the danger of drugs. Apart from that, you may also check out the excellent drug detox centers near your area as well.

In this case, the role of parents has a huge contribution to protecting children from the threat of illicit and dangerous goods.

Well, here are 4 tips for parents to help protect children from exposure to illegal drugs. Check this out!

1. Establish communication early on about the dangers of drugs

The best thing parents can do to prevent drug abuse, alcohol including cigarettes in children is by communicating early on to the child. Talk to children about how this substance is harmful to them. Explain the effects on the body, psychological, and even its future.

2. Focus on the positive

Discuss with your baby, how to make responsible decisions without being affected by peer behavior.

Don’t forget to praise the achievements of the child in order to build their self-esteem. Let them actively engage in positive activities such as sports, painting, and other activities he likes. In addition, always take time with your child, to just talk and find out about their activities all day.

3. Model good habits

Parents are role models for children. This makes children often imitate their parents’ behavior. If you smoke, chances are that the child has a chance to smoke too. The same is true for consuming alcohol or drugs. Therefore, do positive habits so that children follow positive things too.

4. Apply rules at home

Prohibiting children from using drugs, cigarettes or alcoholic beverages must be a rule that is applied by the family. The rules made must be specific, consistent and reasonable.

For example, you must explain the consequences of each family member if you break the rules. What is the sentence, how it is implemented, and what is the purpose of the sentence? In addition, do not forget to explain to the child if the rules are fixed and apply anywhere and anytime.