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Simple Tips for Making a Garage Room

Garage Room for some people is a space that must be owned by those who have a vehicle of a car even more than 1 unit. The garage space has the main function of storing or parking a vehicle. The design of the garage space is built not by careless rules, there are things that need to be considered and need to be planned before adding garage space to a dwelling. Apart from that, visit if you need a guide for buying the best car waxes online.

Pay attention to the size of your garage

do not measure the size of the garage space from the standard size of your vehicle, use a slight difference in the width of the room, so that the garage space does not seem cramped when there is a vehicle parked inside, ideally the size of the garage space is 2.5 x 4.8 m for the size of the vehicle and 3 x 6 m for relatively large vehicles.

Installation of water faucets

can also be an option for those who want to be more efficient when washing their vehicles without having to remove the vehicle in front of the house enough to do washing activities in the garage, think of installing a pipe faucet also to make a drain so that the water that flows directly is wasted and not stagnant the garage room gets dirty.