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Walmart Oil Change: Removing Old Oil Is Important For Your

To get rid of old oil, of course, you have to remove oil from the vehicle first. You can use a jack or buffer to lift the car to facilitate this process. When you want to lift the car, make sure also to place the car in a flat place and do not forget to install the hand brake. Don’t forget to place the buffer at the right point. And to be safer, you can prop the car wheels with beams. In the meantime, perhaps you want to know How much is an Oil Change at Walmart as well.

Heat the car for a moment, at least 2 to 3 minutes. This is done so that the oil warms and becomes more watery. Also prepare some of the necessary equipment such as new oil and a place to hold used oil, including a shocking lock and flashlight to facilitate the process of changing engine oil or brake oil.

Open the oil cover. The location of the oil cover is usually at the top of the engine. The purpose is to open the oil cover so that there is air entering so that it makes it easier for the oil in the car to flow out. Next place the tray that holds oil under the oil bath and open the oil cap cover bolt. The location of the bolt is under the engine, the bolt that is closest to the engine. After you open the bolt, allow the old oil to flow into the tray and wait until all the oil in the engine exits.