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An industry that must do marketing with location-based social media

The development of the volume of data on the Social Media network is growing exponentially every day. Many people today use the network to make more connections, and get information every day. Business Owners, today use geofencing to disseminate information about their business to the public, starting from the superiority of their products, how their services, where their offices or shops are, and various other information that can attract public interest so that they can be converted into customers. With location-based geofencing marketing technology, the benefits of marketing will be more effective and get some other benefits, such as capturing more potential customers, understanding customers to be more intimate, monitoring competitors. There are enormous opportunities for all types of business and organizational industries to benefit from location-based marketing through geofencing.

Knowing what is the satisfaction and disappointment of Customers while in a Restaurant and Cafe that is managed is one of the concentrations of the Business Owners, so understanding Customers is the key to the success of this Business Industry. Not much different from the Culinary Industry, in the Hotel Industry also understands the needs of its customers instead of satisfying and providing the best service. Not only that, location-based marketing on Social Media can provide the most relevant information, such as the location of the closest Hotels of Social Media Users so that they can convert them to Customers. Clothing is something that is a primary need for every human being. Business Owners in the Fashion Industry can take advantage of Social Media by the technique of labeling locations to find prospective customers in their area.

With this technique, Business Owners can also pay attention to Customers from Competitors, such as seeing what types or models are favored by Competitive Customers. Business Owners in the Travel Industry who have travel tour packages can find New Prospective Customers by disseminating information to Prospective Customers at a potential location. Such as at the airport, or places visited by tourists who happen to be in the area.