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Pitfalls Questions When Interviewing and How to Answer

Pitfall questions are things that most often fool applicants during job interviews. If you are not careful, you will be trapped and lose your dream job. The interviewer will try to insert this type of question for a specific purpose, for example, to find out how your true character is and whether you are the right person for a position in the company. If you need help in finding job, you can visit Office Support Recruitment Agency.

If you are a calm person, you will not be stuck with this kind of question. Unfortunately, not everyone can control themselves and be calm facing a job interview. Tips are needed to prepare yourself for your successful job interview. To prepare yourself, you need to know what kind of trick questions are usually asked at job interviews. Check out some trick questions and how to answer them below.

1. How do you describe yourself in 3 words?

This type of question is intended to know your character. You can’t spend a short interview to tell yourself at length. With 3 words that describe yourself, the interviewer has a picture of who you are and how you value yourself. Choose the 3 words that are your superior and relate to the job you are applying for. If you apply for a position as a web designer, state the characters related to work such as creative, responsive and so on. However, do not mention the creative word if you apply for a job as an accountant.

2. What do you know about this company?

The interviewer asks this question to find out how much you want to work at the company. At least you know the company’s profile, history, philosophy, and vision, mission, and values that are upheld by the company you are applying for. You should never compare a company that you are applying for with the company where you worked before. Another thing you should avoid is giving negative answers such as the problems the company is facing, bad opinions about the company, and so on.