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Some Problems in Swimming Pools

Piping of underground installations leading to the engine room is very risky. Therefore the use of pipes must be considered more, use the most powerful pipe for underground installations. This is also to anticipate when there is ground movement during the rainy season. Other than that the use of pipes with strong quality is highly recommended so that the installation can withstand the influence of the chemical pool. That is one of the problems in the pool that can be handled by pool companies in lexington sc.

The subsequent damage to the pool is a problem related to leakage is the most common problem in swimming pools. Leaks are caused by several factors starting from the poor waterproofing process, construction cracks and the installation of the piping system.

The dosage during the waterproofing process must match the cement and liquid. The process of waterproofing itself is generally carried out 2 to 3 times so that the resistance to water is stronger. There is one time but it is very risky for a leak. Other than that the lack of cement during the casting process will also affect the strength of the pond construction.

Next, a fracture in the pool cast. This often happens and this becomes a very fatal problem. In addition to the level of difficulty during renovations, the risk of recurring cracks is very possible. This fault usually occurs when a swimming pool is built on unstable land but is not anticipated.

Therefore there must be a mature calculation to determine the strength of construction. Factors that cause this problem can be caused by land shifting, poor maintenance. Soil shift is one cause that results in the breakdown of swimming pool construction. Therefore, if labile land is needed, drill pile or the like is needed to anticipate the occurrence of soil movement.