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Going for Hajj Worship at Youg Age: The Reasons Why

There is an assumption in the midst of our society, that going to the Holy Land is something that must be done by those who are elderly and have enough religious knowledge. Though in fact, the command to carry out the pilgrimage is obligatory for all Muslims who have been able to do so not only His people who have lived. This assumption encourages many young people to compete in visiting European lands or ginseng countries rather than visiting the land of their Lord. If explored further, when a person at a prime age decides to visit Mecca, more benefits will be obtained than when he waits for him to become old because this Hajj and Umrah require excellent physical strength. If you then have the reason to do the Hajj trip, then the best umrah packages must be your consideration. Why so? It will determine the level of your experience in satisfaction when doing the worship.

Unlike the usual pilgrimage, going to the Holy Land both Umrah and Hajj requires excellent physical and mental conditions. The journey from the homeland to Medina then to Mecca took a short time and of course, it would be draining. In the Holy Land, you will also do not a few struggles: the tawaf surrounds the Ka’ba; back and forth for Sa’i on Shofa-Marwah Hill; and crammed for touching Hajar Aswad. Need not a little energy, right?

You who are young, full of worries and worldly turmoil. The Holy Land is the most appropriate place for you to complain about all burdens in the heart. You can pray directly in front of the Ka’bah, humble yourself by asking for God’s guidance for your life choices. Of course, it’s better to get enlightenment at the beginning of your youth than when you go old.