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How To Cultivate Land That Is Good And Right

The Importance of Doing Land Preparation for Cultivation Preparation of land is one of the most important factors that need to be done in starting a cultivation business. Good land preparation has a major effect on crop productivity. Many studies show that by making land preparation before doing cultivation business can increase yields by up to 30%. The purpose of land preparation is to condition the land where plants are cultivated to suit the conditions needed by the plants so that the plants can grow properly. Land preparation includes a number of activities, ranging from land clearing, tillage, soil salting, and basic fertilizer. For those of you who do not know what Land Clearing is cleaning the land that will be used as a planting area. There are many ways that farmers usually do land clearing. Ranging from manuals, mechanics to the use of chemicals such as herbicides. Manual land clearing is done by direct human hands using simple tools such as hoes, machetes, etc. Here you can find that our hydromulching costs is a professional who will assist you in preparing green land for you to use.

Soil processing is a way to improve soil physical, chemical, and biological conditions. This is absolutely done by farmers before planting seeds because with good and correct tillage the planting process will be easier and of course it is very good for the seeds to be planted.

Primary soil processing is carried out if the land to be planted is hard or in the form of chunks and weeds. The cutting depth and reversal are generally above 15 cm (> 15 cm). The ground is cut and then lifted upside down so that the remaining plants on the ground can be immersed in the soil. The second soil treatment is carried out shallower and no effective soil reversal is needed such as the first tillage.