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Recognize the Characteristics of High-Quality Pure Honey

Ever found pure honey that exploding when the bottle cap is opened? Maybe you are wondering if the honey is genuine and is it safe for consumption. According to a beekeeping expert, honey can be original but low quality. Pure honey has different qualities. According to beekeeping experts, good quality honey has low water content (below 20%), and vice versa. You can get the best Steens Manuka Honey Review | Ocean Bee Honey on our website.

High water content can make honey ferment, so the honey contains gas and explodes when the lid is opened. But the honey is still safe for consumption. In addition, high water content even makes the antibacterial properties of poor quality honey less superior. Poor quality honey is also characterized by the presence of wax (wax) in the bottle and the body part of the bee left in honey. This means that the screening process is not good.

Forest honey generally contains high water content, so it must be lowered by certain techniques. Not by burning, because heat can damage the honey content. Forest honey has a darker color. That is, the mineral content is higher. Forest honey can also be classified as organic honey. Is forest honey better than cultivated honey, there is no research yet.

Manuka honey is one type of honey that is relatively expensive, to the point that a supermarket in the UK stores the honey in an iron mesh box to avoid theft.

Because it’s expensive, even this honey is prone to falsification. Of the 73 samples tested in England, China and Singapore in 2012-2013, 43 samples proved not to contain methylglyoxal (MGO), an antimicrobial activity found only in manuka honey. In addition, 14 of 55 samples of manuka honey in Hong Kong were proven to be mixed with syrup.

What’s more, the manuka flower (Leptospermum Scoparium) which is the source of manuka honey nectar is similar to kanuka flower (Kunzea Ericoides). The difference is, manuka honey is dark and has a strong taste, while kanuka honey is pale yellow and clear with a subtle aroma and sweet and aromatic taste. Kanuka honey is also not thixotropic like manuka honey. That is, kanuka honey is not textured like syrup when shaken and like jelly when left idle.